Samsung Offers 3 Chromebook Solutions

Samsung Offers 3 Chromebook Solutions

Samsung Comes Out Strong at FETC 2016 With 3 Chromebook Solutions Google is dominating the in-classroom technology industry with their Chromebook notebook – which is now in over half of K-12 classrooms. But now Samsung is giving Google a run for its money reporting 2.2 million of their Chromebooks distributed in K-12 classrooms. At FETC […]

K-6 Students Can Learn Cyber Security For Free!

New kit offers students the chance to learn about cyber security.   Cyber security is not a new concern, but it has exponentially grown in seriousness. As businesses and individuals alike face cyber security breaches resulting in everything from stolen identities to millions of dollars of damages, it is increasingly apparent that we all need […]

Common Core – Technology Can Aid Implementation

Common Core Technology Can Aid Implementation

Preparing for Common Core assessments? Here are a few common core technology tools to consider. Deeper Reading: If your students need a boost in their ability to closely read and extract meaning from complicated texts, consider turning to a digital library paired with an assessment tool for reading comprehension. For example, C.T. Sewell Elementary School in […]

Common Sense Seeks To Connect Technology & Education

Four Google Search Tricks

Non-Profit Works To Serve Students, Families, And Educators In our increasingly digital age, many educators find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of technology options available for use in the classroom without any guidance on which to choose. Fortunately, sites such as Common Sense are reaching out to educators, parents, and students alike to […]