Education, Innovation, & Technology – Find Out How Schools Are Preparing Kids for the Real World

Learn more about the latest in educational innovation. Education is an important element in helping the next generation thrive. However, traditional education often doesn’t give kids what they need to succeed. Innovation paired with technology is on the rise to help better educate kids around the world. Check out a few of the latest innovative […]

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Technology Allows Students With Disabilities to Pursue STEM Dreams

With the advent of accessible technology, more students have gone further in higher education to pursue STEM degrees. According to a study conducted by the National Science Foundation, students with disabilities are now just as likely to enroll in science, technology, engineering, and math fields when they pursue higher education. The study also found that […]

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What We Can Learn About Digital Transformation from Meriden Public Schools

A Connecticut school district transitioned from low-tech to high-tech, and offers tips in which other schools can make the same transition. Back in 2010, when Mark Benigni began as the superintendent of the Meriden Public School district, the urban New England school district didn’t even have a device program. Skip forward seven years and every student […]

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Immersive Media in Higher Education

Immersive media like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video technologies can help improve the learning experience and is accessible for both students and faculty.  Where are we now with immersive media? Believe it or not, immersive media has been used by people for quite a long time. A few readers may remember the View-Master, a device […]

How New Sony Digital Tools Will Promote Active Learning

How New Sony Digital Tools Will Promote Active Learning

New Sony technology will help make learning more relatable for children by promoting a thing called, “active learning.” The classroom of today is nothing like the factory-like conditions of boring rows of desks, dull blackboards, and expressionless faces. Electronics giant Sony is now adding even more flexibility to the classroom of the 21st century. Earlier this year, Sony announced two […]

The Future of K-12 Connectivity

As more and more schools request funds for a faster internet speed, the connectivity concerns will begin to shift.  In just one year, schools’ requests for high-speed internet of one gigabit per second or faster have nearly doubled. An incredible 90 percent of applicants expect their bandwidth needs will only continue to increase as time and technology and […]

How to Prepare Schools for Interconnected Devices

If properly implemented, devices such as wearables, VR headsets, and heart-rate monitors offer real benefits to the students.  Whether they are tracking student progress, enabling experiential learning, or passing the time during recess, wearable technology holds a certain promise in K-12 schools. They are already making headway throughout the general public and, according to New Media […]

Personalized Classrooms Require Flexibility

According to a recent study, flexible classrooms can boost student performance by as much as 25%. Schools are rapidly adopting a personalized learning method where the teachers construct their curriculum to best match the needs and abilities of each student. This allows students to have more one-on-one time with their teachers, but it can also […]

The Early Learner’s Guide to Technology

The Early Learner's Guide to Technology

Learning something new can take time, but it is worth it to help teachers seamlessly integrate tech in the classroom.  For years, students learned to associate the Ticonderoga No. 2 pencil with school. But in today’s classrooms, technology is becoming just as synonymous with school, as our old friend the Ticonderoga No. 2. This fall, the Department […]

Classroom Technology Boosts Fun (and Learning)

Technology can be fun – but it can also increase a student’s desire to learn. The Brief: A survey of 20,000 students and teachers asked the individuals what they thought about technology in and out of the classroom, finding an interesting divide between students and teachers, and a difference among generations. According to the data, 80 […]

A Few Tips on Becoming “Future Ready”

A Few Tips on Becoming "Future Ready"

The 21st Century is here and it is important for the advancement of our children to become “future ready.”  Our kids are the future, and it is up to us to create an environment in which they can thrive. If we do not invest in our children; we do not invest in our future. Of course, […]

Should We Leverage Ed Tech in Gym Class?

By using students’ devices, physical education teachers can add an element of engagement never seen before.  When you first think of smartphones and tablets, your initial thought may be to think of them as distractions. But when you get to know what all of these devices are capable of, you can see them as an […]

How Google Arts and Culture Can Enrich Lessons

Being exposed to different cultures and people is the best way children grow to be empathetic and caring adults. Imagine being able to take a class field trip to the late Cretaceous Period and learning about the massive dinosaurs that used to roam the land while being able to look them in the eye. Or […]

Kiddle: The Google-Powered Search for Kids

Kiddle: The Google-Powered Search for Kids

Google-themed portal designed to keep kids safe while they surf the net looking for class research topics. We can’t imagine a world without Google: it’s the main way many of us find the answers to most, if not all, of our questions. From “how many cups in a gallon?” to “how many galaxies are there in the […]

How Schools Can Keep Take-Home Devices Safe

As classrooms across the world become more and more tech-savvy, it’s important to keep IT security in mind when devices are in the hands of children. About 4 million of the 8.9 million hands-on tech devices sold to K-12 school districts are Chromebooks. They are low cost, offer better security than other notebooks, are functional, […]