What Is “Anytime, Anywhere Learning”

There are many districts that are reconfiguring their classrooms to fit a more mobile student experience, which allows students to have “anytime, anywhere learning.”  Here are a few ways that schools are embracing the “anytime, anywhere learning” and the benefits it is having on students. Classrooms are now filled with rolling chairs, mobile student desks, […]

The Future of Tech In Schools

The Future of Tech In Schools

Tech can be best used in schools by using these 14 elements. In an effort to help today’s educators stay ahead of the technology curve, the International Society for Technology in Education has laid out 14 elements (they call them essential conditions) that are key for making the most of technology in education. Here’s a quick look at […]

How Slowing Down Can Speed Education And Engagement

How Slowing Down Can Speed Education And Engagement

What Educators Are Saying: Use Pauses To Improve Learning We live in a fast-paced world and the general inclination, even in the classroom, is to forge constantly ahead. What we are hearing from teachers is that, by not taking time to pause in the classroom they, and their students, were missing out on important benefits. […]