Halloween Crafts & Costumes For Kids

Halloween Crafts & Costumes For Kids

Kid-easy crafts and simple costumes you can make for your kids to enjoy this Halloween! Halloween’s just around the corner. Get in the spirit with these fun DIY crafts and costumes that your kids will love! Mummy Candy Cups:  What you’ll need: Disposable plastic cups Roll of Gauze Googly Eyes Tacky Glue Cotton Balls (or plastic […]

Social Media Can Motivate Social Learning in Teens

Social Learning Motivation in Teens

Social Media’s Impact On Teen Learning Motivating teens to engage in Social Learning (or collaborative learning) can be challenging. This is certainly not the case when in comes to engaging in Social Media! Especially when social media inside the classroom is limited (or non-existent) but is ubiquitous once teens return home. In order to promote […]