What We Can Learn About Digital Transformation from Meriden Public Schools

A Connecticut school district transitioned from low-tech to high-tech, and offers tips in which other schools can make the same transition. Back in 2010, when Mark Benigni began as the superintendent of the Meriden Public School district, the urban New England school district didn’t even have a device program. Skip forward seven years and every student […]

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>50 Percent of Teachers Report 1:1 Computing

A survey finds that over 50 percent of all teachers report that they have more individual devices than ever before.  The goal of classroom computers is to put one in the hands of every student; a one-to-one (1:1) ratio. More than 50 percent of all teachers across the nation now have this one-to-one, student-to-device ratio […]

One-To-One Devices For K-12

One-To-One Devices For K-12

Devices School Districts Are Using The vast majority of the school districts we work with agree that 1:1 computing is ideal – not only because it helps meet Common Core Standards but also because it promotes collaboration, incentivizes engagement and gives students access to curriculum throughout the day and at home for homework. When moving […]

Dell’s Technology Training Program For Teachers

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A Look At The Dell Teaching & Learning Academy We talk with teachers everyday – and what we hear often is this – teachers are facing a technology challenge. On top of managing all of their responsibilities in and out of the classroom, they have to learn to adapt to the changing technological landscape. For […]