Student-Run Tech Initiatives Empowers & Prepares Them for the Future

When it comes to the facet of technology, it is the young students who have become the masters and teach what they know. Creekside Middle School in Patterson, CA rolled out over 1,000 new Chromebooks for the students which meant that the teachers needed to get many professional development sessions in order to answer any […]

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>50 Percent of Teachers Report 1:1 Computing

A survey finds that over 50 percent of all teachers report that they have more individual devices than ever before.  The goal of classroom computers is to put one in the hands of every student; a one-to-one (1:1) ratio. More than 50 percent of all teachers across the nation now have this one-to-one, student-to-device ratio […]

The Benefits of 2-in-1 Devices: How a School Can Benefit

Hybrid devices can be extremely beneficial in school because they combine the convenience and flexibility of multiple devices. Hybrid devices have always been an integral part of the advancement of technology as people look to mix the best features of different devices into a new, and therefore more convenient, device. Here are few ways that […]

Computational Thinking Can Bridge the STEM Skills Gap

Teaching students about computers will not only help students across the nation, but help America. Sexism in the field of computer science and technology is alive and well. The myth that women are not interested in computers is only a myth, yet fuels many arguments among those who refuse to see the evidence and those trying to be […]

Keep Your Technology Safe with These Tips

Keep Your Technology Safe with These Tips

Everybody likes to have the newest electronics, including thieves. Laptops and tablets are some of the most stolen items since they have a high value and can be taken easily. Keep these tips in mind to ensure the electronics at your school or workplace are not stolen. Make sure you never leave electronics unattended in […]