Technology Brings Online Safety in K-12 Schools

From cyberbullying to computer viruses, students face many threats every time they log on the web. The internet is a great tool to encourage collaboration and accessing information and resources. But, as we all have seen, it can also be a place that’s rife with internet trolls, cyberbullies, and hackers. Technological advances like the function of “safe search” […]

How One Teacher Is Leading Success With Technology

How One Teacher Is Leading Success With Technology

How One Educator Is Driving Change In A California School District Today’s teachers know that technology is transforming the way their students learn, both in the classroom and out of it. While the move towards 1-to-1 technology use is increasingly becoming the model schools hope to implement, actually having the infrastructure necessary for that kind […]

How Chromebooks Can Help In The Classroom

Three Ways Technology Is Serving Higher Education

Integrating technology into the classroom will not only help to ensure that children are tech savvy when they enter college or the workforce, but it can also be a great way to keep them interested in their coursework. While Chromebooks originally were designed to be little more than a conduit to the web, the new […]