Video: Why Students Shouldn’t Sit Still

Students in an old classroom

We don’t have to tell you that sitting is bad. Countless studies prove a myriad of health issues connected to hours of sitting at a time. In the workplace, gyms and standing desks are becoming the new normal, while in schools, there has been a decrease in physical education and recess over the last 30+ […]

How To Create A School Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Although the recent pandemic has brought focus on teacher and student health in school, wellness has always been a priority when it comes to education. To show up and do your best, you must feel your best physically and mentally.  Be proactive about health and wellness to create an environment that invites individuals to take […]

How To Use Pinterest To Create Better School Learning Spaces

D&D Pinterest page shown on a laptop

D&D Integrated Solutions is excited to announce that we have joined the Pinterest community! We strive to give you new ways to interact with the technology and furniture solutions we support, the learning environments we help to create, and the full line of services we offer. We hope to give all this by consistently contributing […]

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