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The Challenge

Downey USD needed to roll out up to 40 mobile devices to each classroom throughouttheir district and to the district IT department. The devices were to be a mixture of Chromebooks and iPads, so they needed a universal charging and security solution.

The District required specialized key control. The universal solution needed tohave a locking mechanism with an override feature to match every teacher’s room key. Additionally, the solution needed to be pre-wired for their specific mobile devices and mounted to the floor and wall for safety. Lastly, the entire project had to be implemented during the school year, but after school hours.


D&D specializes in mobile device charging and security. Working closely with Downey USD’s technology department, D&D’s Mobile Device Locker was identified as the perfect solution. Our Mobile Device Locker was chosen for its “future-proof” features: Universal Cord Management, Adjustable Dividers and Expandability. Moreover, the “MDL” locking mechanism can be customized for any type of site security scenario. We pre-wired each locker, deployed them to each classroom and secured them to the wall and floor – all after school hours.


The roll out came in on time and within budget. In the future, Downey USD will be able to customize each locker for any type of new mobile device technology – come what may.

The Mobile Device Locker is universal, customizable – future-proof!