VGA Installation Kit (25 ft. or 35 ft. Cable)

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This installation kit includes a CL2 rated 25 ft. or 35 ft. VGA cable (UXGA), VGA connector for projector with 3.5mm stereo audio and a VGA HD15 wall plate (UXGA) with 3.5mm stereo audio. Imagine a VGA cable you can pull through a 3/4" conduit with a 90 degree sweep with no soldering of the HD15 connector! Or having the option of switching the installed cable from VGA to Component Video with Audio in less than a minute! With RapidRun, you can easily do this and more. No cabling solution on the market will do more to make your installations easier or more versatile! RapidRun’s revolutionary design provides the greatest flexibility and ease of installation without loss of signal quality. Two styles of Runner base cables, a 3-Coax with 4 twisted pairs and a 5-coax version, allow this unique interconnect system to be configured for UXGA, Component, Composite and/or Digital/Analog Audio Signals.The key to this RapidRun? is the proprietary connector design which features a locking mechanism that connects to either a Break-Away Flying Lead or Wall Plate. The amazing RapidRun connector also enables you to pull the Runner base cable through a 3/4in conduit then terminate with your flying lead or wall plate.For additional components or other options contact D&D at 800-453-4195.


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