Flat Screen TV Lock Kit EX for use with a TV Mount

Item Number: 1000-SF4-BK

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Now you can protect your flat screen TVs from theft while preventing the removal of your wall mount from the wall! The new Flat Screen TV and Mount Lock Kit Bundle is an integrated anti-theft lockdown solution to prevent thieves from removing the bolts of your TV mount and taking it along with your flat screen television! (TV mount not included). Includes VESA compliant screw pack, 4 steel chassis fittings, 1 four foot EX aircraft cable (superior cut resistant weight) and 1 heavy-duty padlock. If your television(s) do not have a VESA screw hole pattern on the back of the monitor, you can add the 9001SI-BK mounting plate. This optional mounting plate is ideal for this situation (no VESA holes) to attached the kit to your TV(s)… or it can also be used to integrate a DVD player, or other AV components into your lockdown. To find the 9001SI-BK Mounting Plate <a href=”https://ddsecurity.com/product/512″> Just Click Here!


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