Mobile•Lok GPS Security & Tracking System

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Mobile•Lok is a rechargeable security system that fits in the palm of your hand. The device features a GPS locator and an anti-theft alarm that alerts up to three different people when equipment is tampered with or a room is entered. You can easily mount Mobile•Lok on any surface temporarily by using the built-in magnets or permanently by screwing/bolting it to the asset. Mobile•Lok uses built-in sensors that detect vibrations, door contact, tampering, and changes in temperature. The sensors are customizable and controlled. When one of these sensors is set off, up to three people can be immediately notified via email, text message and/or phone by a recorded message. Mobile•Lok ensures you know where your materials are at all times. The unit uses Assisted GPS, (AGPS) which enables you to locate the unit indoors or when it is concealed. AGPS means you do not need to rely on external antennas or line-of-site to the sky to locate materials. Instead, you have the ability to easily locate or track your valuable assets when you need to find them.FEATURES: Weatherproof, Reliable, Customizable settings, Attach wherever you want via a magnet or screws, Nationwide GPS coverage, Siren and silent alarm, Change contact phone numbers in seconds Use phone or Internet to change settings, Wireless and portable, Lasts a minimum of one month on a single charge.


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