Juice® Mobile Power

Item Number: BF-JUICE


Active learning demands Active Charging™. Turn a single wall outlet into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution, providing safe charging for the entire classroom or staff office. Easily distribute power to enable physical distancing with Juice Mobile Power! Expand your charging capacity and increase productivity. A powerful, flexible, safe, mobile charging solution that brings power from the wall to anywhere in the room. Juice Mobile Power delivers active charging of electronic mobile devices, reducing downtime due to devices left uncharged.

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Unmatched Safety & Design. With built-in FLI Charge safety technology, Juice Mobile Power detects foreign objects and instantly powers down. When the object is removed, the system instantly powers back up. Connection points are magnetic, ensuring they are strong enough to keep devices charged, but safely break away to mitigate trip hazards. Juice Mobile Power is tested to meet or exceed ETL standards ensuring the highest level of electrical safety and industrial design requirements.

Note: USB charging only.



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