Bretford Link L (Network Ready) Cart – 20 Unit


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This Network Ready Laptop cart is the next step in the evolution of Bretford’s laptop cart product line. The cart comes pre-wired with Ethernet cables, has a dedicated space for your network switch, and features proven heat dissipation, all of which facilitates all of the devices in the cart being connected to your network and updated simultaneously.It also features the same smaller footprint, advanced power management, and “desktop” cord management found in all of Bretford’s MDM line of laptop and tablet carts. The sophisticated “Power Manager” system uses a “Round Robin” charging cycle that constantly evaluates the demand for power and concentrates on the devices that need it most. The “Power Manager” in the cart also comes equipped with heat sensors to ensure the internal temperature of the cart does not exceed recommended levels. Ask us about free shipping on this item!


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