Bretford EVER Cart – 45 Unit – USB

Item Number: BF-T45CB-P-DC-US

List Price: $3,754.77

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Future-proof. EVER Cart with MiX Module System® has the unique ability to be updated rather than replaced like traditional charging carts and a single EVER Cart can support USB and AC powered devices instead of having multiple carts to charge tablets and laptops separately. There are 18 different models of EVER Cart – depending on your unique needs – so you should call us at 800-453-4195 to discuss the perfect EVER Cart for you. The cart shown here is a 45 unit cart that features USB power. But your not limited. Find out more by call us at 800-453-4195.

You can create a hybrid cart that supports a variety of different devices using AC and USB MiX Modules in the same cart that you can personalize again and again.

Each MiX module is removable allowing you to place it on a work surface for quick and easy cable management and slot reconfiguration. And adjustable slot dividers allow you to configure the shelf capacity to meet your needs.

As technology needs evolve, there’s no need to replace the entire cart. Simply swap out a MiX Module to support the latest devices, or add a MiX Module to expand overall capacity.


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