Duey & Dodie Smith, Founders

D&D Security Resources
A Legacy of Excellence

A Legacy of Service

Southern California during the 1950’s: Industry boomed, innovation flourished, technology advanced by leaps and bounds. Breakthroughs like calculators and portable electric typewriters, would herald in the first age of the office machine revolution.
Fresh out of college, Duval (Duey) Smith was enticed by this new world. His natural business acumen, thirst for knowledge and innate drive to succeed was the perfect complement for the burgeoning field. Working for such progressive companies like Monroe, Olivetti and Angeles Typewriters, Duey immersed himself in every aspect of the office machine industry. Within a year, he found himself one of the most successful salesmen in Southern California.

But, Duey didn’t simply sell office machines – he built relationships that would remain solid for decades. From the onset of his career, he believed his clients deserved the best service he could provide. Giving the customers more than they expect, before they expect it, was simply his starting point. He had an instinctive knack of anticipating the needs of his clients and providing a level of service that was unmatched. There would be no simple order-and-delivery from Duey Smith. He checked each and every machine personally to ensure its proper working order. He added the necessary items — inked ribbon or calculator tape – whatever the machine required to be ready to start work immediately, before boxing it back up, personally delivering it to his clients and setting it up in its ultimate location.

This meticulous attention to service was echoed by his wife and business partner, Dorothy (Dodie). Dodie worked side by side with Duey, handling all the administrative duties, and adding an additional level of customer service for his clients. When old enough, their children, Donna and Dean, worked alongside them, testing the machines, adding any necessary extras, and learning the intrinsic rules of offering quality merchandise with unparalleled service.

A Legacy of Evolution

By the early 1970’s the D&D’s client list read like a who’s who. Governmental agencies, every level of education, and major industries all relied on Duey to keep their technology up and running. Realizing they could serve their customers’ office machine needs more efficiently as an independent company, Duey and Dodie formed D&D Enterprises. A tightly-run family business, Dean and Donna helped out every chance they could, learning at an early age the necessary skills to ultimately run the company.

For the next decade, D&D Enterprises enjoyed substantial growth, adding to their product offering, building their client list, and most importantly, anticipating and adapting to the changing needs of the customer. D&D Enterprises was at the vanguard of the computer technology boom and was poised to grow with it.

However, as a myriad new technology began being introduced to schools, colleges, hospitality and government, Duey watched in frustration as opportunistic thefts also started to occur. Determined to help his struggling clients, Duey recognized an indispensable new service his company could provide. If the machines he had sold could be secured safely, it would save the customers time, money and trouble.

Building on its business model of service and adaptation, D&D Enterprises developed a technology security process designed to protect their client’s valuable inventory. From the moment they introduced this service to their clients, business grew exponentially. Duey and Dodie realized that, with their expertise in customer service, knowledge of the industry and deep connections in the business world, they could serve their customers far better by offering security solutions exclusively, rather than selling the machines themselves.

D&D Enterprises — now D&D Security Resources— began its work, specializing in high quality anti-theft devices.

A Legacy of Innovation

D&D Security Resources enjoyed banner years throughout the next decade. Duey and Dodie’s children officially joined the company in the mid 1990’s. Opportunities grew throughout California and D&D Security Resources opened their first Northern California office in 1996. This was not, however, just a shipping portal. Each new client still received the same personal attention as the first buyers of those early typewriters. The two branches allowed for quick response and personalized service; each structured to adapt quickly to the individual needs of their respective regions and clients.

Duey and Dodie retired in 1999, leaving the company in the capable hands of their children to carry on the legacy. After nearly 20 years, youngest son Dean continues to run the company as CEO, and he has a built a strong management team to oversee day to day operations; individuals who understood the core values of D&D Security Resources and could blend those ideals with a progressive growth plan. At the helm is Jeff Rogers, President and Chief Operating Officer, and Jamie Smith, Vice President of Administration. Together, the team has the vision and operations experience to bring the company to a new era as technology shifts.

The innovation and adaptation that drives the company is not reserved for security devices alone. D&D Security Resources has added ‘General Contractor’ to its roster of comprehensive services and now provides state-of-the-art Audio/Video integration and installation. As well, D&D Interior Resources, a new division of D&D Security Resources, is a furniture supplier that blends secure environments with high-quality products, incorporated into elegant, functional spaces. This division has designed projects such as computer labs, training environments, and libraries.

Always looking forward, D&D Security Resources consistently keeps pace with the rapidly changing face of technology. Currently, the company is developing security solutions for mobile devices; touch pads, netbooks and other handheld devices.

A Legacy of Promise

Typewriter ribbons may have given way to USB cables and calculator tape to AV installation, but the idea is the same: give the customer more than they expect, before they expect it. For 50 years that core value has set D&D Security Resources above the rest. And, the next 50 years? Simple. D&D will continue to give the customer more than they expect by providing unparalleled customer service, quick adaptation to the ever-changing market place and the highest quality products.

D&D Security Resources — Service, Evolution, Innovation — A Legacy of Excellence.