Mobile Device Locker

The Mobile Device Locker (MDL) provides a safe and secure fixed location to store and charge your mobile devices. 

The MDL is your "future-proof" storage solution for mobile device charging and security because universal cord management, along with adjustable dividers, allows you to customize your lockers for any type of mobile device.

Lockers can be ordered stacked (shipped bolted together) 2 or 3 units high (while remaining under 60 inches tall) to store up to 48 devices.


  • Enough electrical sockets to provide power while remaining under 15 Amps total A/C input power from the single connection to the wall
  • Riveted 16 gauge construction
  • Keyed locking handle and 3-point latching mechanism for added security
  • A single plug electrical connection inside the locker
  • Chargers and the mobile device charging cords are stored in the locker on the shelf with a magnetically latched interior door above the mobile devices
  • Lockers can be bolted to concrete or wood floors or mounted to steel or wood studded walls

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