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Social Distancing Solutions

Hybrid Learning Solutions

Now you can easily implement distance learning or a hybrid model using Promethean Interactive Panels and any web conference app. Teach remotely and in the classroom - at the same time!

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Multi-device mirroring
Titanium Enhanced Interactivity

Teaching Untethered
ActivPanel Titanium’s controlled, multi-device mirroring lets teachers move freely and teach from anywhere in the classroom. During a lesson, the teacher can interact with shared screens directly from the ActivPanel, increasing student collaboration and participation.

Teacher-Friendly Center Console
Designed with the teacher in mind, the ActivPanel Titanium features an ergonomic, angled control console. Teachers now have quick and easy access to the Unified Menu, volume controls, source selection, and more.

Enhanced Interactivity
Teachers and students can collaborate with up to 20 simultaneous touch points and simultaneous pen, touch, and palm erase. Resize, drag, and move multiple windows to multitask and teach from several content types or apps at once.

Powerful Audio
Proximity Sensor Activates the Panel
WiFi Connectivity

Room-Filling Sound
Students who hear better, learn better. The ActivPanel Titanium’s bass enhanced, front-facing speakers fill the classroom with full range audio and superior fidelity

Dual Proximity Sensors
The ActivPanel Titanium automatically warms up when someone enters the room. Teachers can quickly get started with just the touch of a button.

Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®
Provides the flexibility required for diverse networking needs and offers more classroom mobility. Bluetooth allows for easy connection to STEAM-based hardware, such as robots and lab sensors.

Wellness Centers

The California Mental Health Commission has called for schools to move quickly to become "wellness centers" addressing mental and physical health needs among K-12 students and their families. D&D has experience in creating wellness centers and isolation rooms for our clients. Learn more by clicking here.