D&D Announces Promotion of Jeff Rogers to President / COO

Jeff Rogers

In early 2018, D&D Security Resources, Inc., a leading provider of high quality anti-theft security products, mounting systems and technology furniture and deployments, announced that its Board of Directors had unanimously appointed Jeff Rogers as President / COO. Rogers assumed the role of President immediately and former President Dean Smith assumed the role of CEO […]

Questions to ask Before Investing in Interactive Displays with Lesson Delivery


New technologies are rapidly changing the education landscape. With exciting new tools, devices, software and content, educators have to often adapt quickly and often the learning curve for them can be steep. In fact, teachers are often on their own to find the content they need for their class curriculum and then square those finds […]

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You Won’t Believe How Thieves Stole TVs from Motel 6

Hotel owners and operators all over the U.S. are a plagued with a serious problem these days with the introduction of flat screen televisions in hotel rooms.  As hoteliers are trying to make rooms more comfortable, with the comforts of home, thieves are taking advantage of the situation by literally ripping televisions off the wall […]

Is Your Campus IT Equipment Safe From Theft?

With regular headlines about the latest cyber attack, the physical security of IT equipment is often overlooked. Your campuses must, of course, take precautions to protect your staff and student computers, but what about the theft of IT equipment left in your labs, classrooms, meeting halls and libraries? You no doubt have thousands of dollars […]

How Color Can Promote Learning


Have you been thinking about how to redesign your learning spaces to promote learning? If so, then most likely you’ve thought about how colors affect your students’ behavior – and for good reason! Recent scientific studies have shown that different colors, their combinations, and their placement can have an effect on attention, memory, feelings, and […]

Tips for Preparing Your Network for VR

Tips for Preparing Your Network for VR

Is your school’s infrastructure ready for VR? Virtual reality has come a long way in recent years, to the point where it is being used in classrooms across the country. Teachers are allowing children to use the headset to explore faraway places or take a more in-depth look at the world around them. It’s safe […]

New Facebook Communication App That Could Benefit Students

New Facebook Communication App That Could Benefit Students

New messaging tools for educators and students.  Facebook continues to stay one step ahead with advancements in technology and communication. Facebook’s latest tool has Internet safety for youngsters in mind. The new Messenger Kids app allows trusted adults to sign up kids as young as six for the text and video messaging platform that works […]

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6 Keys to creating an amazing STEM/STEAM MakerSpace


Key 1 – FLEXIBLE FURNITURE The right type of furniture is the #1 key. Flexibility is created through furnishings that move and stack so teachers and students can change the space to fit their specific project quickly and easily. D&D has the top brands to choose from! Key 2 – STORAGE Storage should accommodate different […]

Unexpected Perks of a Cloud Migration

Unexpected Perks of a Cloud Migration

Surprising benefits of cloud computing. Many school districts are well into the cloud journeys now that they know how much it can benefit the safety and infrastructure of their school. Even so, there are some schools that have yet to take the plunge and dive into the cloud. Read on for three unexpected benefits of […]

Welcome Jennifer McNaughton!


Jennifer is the Executive Assistant to our President and COO, Jeff Rogers. Jennifer’s incredible organizational skills will keep our team running smoothly.  She is responsible for the day-to-day communications and management of our Northern California office and basically keeping Jeff out of trouble. Jennifer hales from Phoenix, Arizona where she attended Valley Lutheran High School. In […]

What is a Modern Learning Environment?

What is a Modern Learning Environment?

Today’s modern classroom requires upgrades to support 21st-century learning opportunities. Throughout recent years, education has shifted dramatically. Now, there is a modern emphasis on higher-order thinking and future-ready skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. While many schools have incorporated technology to aid these skills and future student development, some classrooms remain stubbornly static. […]

3 Steps for Better Disaster Recovery

3 Steps for Better Disaster Recovery

Cover all the correct bases for better disaster recovery in schools.   While no school wants to believe that a disaster will happen, sometimes it can’t be avoided. Without proper disaster recovery plans, IT managers will often panic when things go from bad to worse. To improve your disaster recovery strategies, check out these tips. […]

New Epson Projectors Arrive to Boost Classroom Connectivity

New Epson Projects Arrive to Boost Classroom Connectivity

New projectors make sharing content in class even easier.   Today’s classroom features a lot of technology. Most of this revolves around projectors – the modern day blackboard. Specifically, Epson has been a large contributor to the creative use of projectors in the K-12 classroom. Now, the makers of the BrightLink projector revealed that nine […]

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How to Be Ransomware Savvy

How to Be Ransomware Savvy

Is your school safe from ransomware attacks? While we rely on technology for more and more, the risk of cyber attacks increases. As of December 2017, at least 283 U.S. public schools and districts reported cybersecurity incidents in the nearly two years since January 2016. Unfortunately, criminals are likely to seek to extort money from […]

Students Adopt Software to Create Digital Stories

Technology continues to spark creativity.   Students around the country are creating news broadcasts and award-winning short documentaries that are making a difference in their community. Last year, ten students at Rancho Minerva Middle School crafted a four-minute documentary on the importance of digital equity. The young filmmakers explained how students can find free Wi-Fi hotspots in […]