12-Point Checklist To Creating School Wellness Centers

Student Unions / Wellness Centers

Before you go on the journey of creating the perfect wellness center for your school, use this quick checklist to make sure you are on the right path.

Checklist for creating a school wellness center.

1. Research the type of wellness center you’d like to create. Visit nearby schools and search the web for inspiration.

2. Write down the services you wish to offer. Your wellness center can host multiple services like factulty training, health education, consultation, counseling, nursing services, and crisis support. Think about the impact you can make on students, teachers, parents/guardians, and the community.

3. Discuss staffing needs and training opportunities to fit the needs of your community. Will you have to outsource employee training? Do you have an employee that can share their knowledge? Consider these questions when diving into professional development.

4. Establish roles and responsibilities. Discuss who is a part of your wellness center team and what they do. How do your medical staff, teachers, leadership, and students interact in the space?

5. Select a vendor with an expertise in design and development of Wellness Centers. Ask them for project examples to guarantee experience.

6. Make sure the vendor choice is a state licensed contractor. Hiring a licensed contractor guarantees that the installation goes smoothly and helps maintain a safe environment.

7. Be sure all vendor employees undergo a background check. Since the vendor may be working before, during, or after school hours, make sure your vendor does a complete background check on their team.

8. Choose your color pallete. Be sure to choose colors that promote a sense of belonging. The color pallete will impact the walls, flooring, and furniture.

9. Decide what type of furniture you need in your space. Consider the types of micro-spaces, within your wellness center, that you want to create. Make sure to work in furniture that is easy to move around to accommodate the many services you are providing. Make sure your furnishings are low VOC and are warranted for use in Healthcare and Education.

10. Pick the type of technology you need in your wellness center. Accommodate presentations and the opportunity for students to discover their own answers by providing plenty of screens and charging solutions.

11. Provide charging opportunities. If students, teachers, and parents/guardians are encouraged to bring their devices, you will benefit from providing secure charging solutions like lockers.

12. Create a training and development plan. Provide optimal service by creating a plan to keep your team educated on the newest and best practices. 


When you are creating a wellness center, the most important pieces are:

  • The services your offer.
  • The staff you include in the process.
  • The vendor you work with and purchase from.
  • The colors, finishes, and furniture you choose.
  • Your continued professional development.