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Promethean Interactive Displays for education transform the way students learn. With innovative accessories, optional mobility, and self-development resources, it’s no wonder Promethean boards are the new projection system.

Although everything stated above is important, it’s the software that makes Promethean Interactive Displays powerful teaching devices.

Three software applications make Promethean Interactive Displays several steps above standard projection systems.


ActivInspire is an intuitive way to craft and deliver lessons that encourage students to interact, engage, and steer into the “aha” moments.

ActivInspire gives you all the tools to turn a teaching moment into a full experience. 

You will never have to search the internet, possibly clicking on compromising links, for spinning wheel and dice programs.

Everything you need is in one spot.

With ActivInspire you can:

  • Insert images, animations, websites, and videos into flipcharts.
  • Help students stay focused, excited, and competitive by using the Clock and Timer.
  • Use the Spotlight tool to draw attention to something specific.
  • Add a sense of intrigue to every lesson plan by using the Revealer tool to expose information gradually.
  • Use the shared free resource pack to add your creative touch to lessons.
  • Save flipcharts and other resources for ease of sharing with your students.
  • Deliver math instructions or pick students randomly for questions with the Dice Roller.
  • Use the XY Origin tool to change the rotation point of any object on a flipchart.
  • Make math and science more engaging with the interactive ruler, protractor, compass, and calculator.

With ActiveInspire, you’re only limited to your imagination when it comes to creating the perfect lesson.


ClassFlow brings students and teachers together no matter the distance between them. With ClassFlow, students can connect to lessons in class or at home to support various learning models. 

The best part about ClassFlow is that it ensures that your students remain engaged during class with some powerful tools.

Deliver instant polls, activities, and assessments right to your students’ phones while rewarding achievement with badges.

Lessons invitations are easy to send out with a unique link that doesn’t require an account. Every part of the experience ClassFlow creates ensure secure connection across devices, platforms, and location. You can easily import content from other sources and integrate it with GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

How do you keep students engaged using ClassFlow?

  • Reinforce positive outcomes and reward good behavior with visible digital badges.
  • Test comprehension with ClassFlow’s dynamic quiz options. Choose from question types including multiple-choice, short answer, math, true or false, essay, and creative response. Test your students’ comprehension with dynamic quiz options. Choose from multiple-choice, short answer, math, true or false, and essay to create the perfect quiz.
  • Poll your students to track progress and turbocharge engagement. Choose the right question type for you and your students with multiple-choice numerical, true or false, and yes or no questions.
  • Create a fun classroom environment by providing activities like crossword puzzles, word searches, memory games, flashcards, labeling, and matching.

With privacy being the number one focus, ClassFlow connects students and teachers for an experience beyond the classroom.

Panel Management

When it comes to managing all of your devices, you have two options. Choose between Promethean Panel Management and Radix VISO Premium.

With Promethean Panel Management, administrators can confidently keep their ActivPanel interactive displays secure while ensuring teachers always have access to the latest Promethean firmware, software, and apps.

Promethean partnered with the leader in mobile device management for education to bring you Radix VISO Premium. Radix offers centralized control, from a single web-based console, of all your screens including:

  • tablets
  • laptops,
  • Chromebooks
  • ActivePanels

Use one or both solutions for complete control of your devices.

Ready For A Demo?

While Promethean Interactive Displays are innovative, the tools make them an absolute must-have for every learning environment.

Schedule a live demo with a D&D Integrated Solutions representative to learn how you can transform you classroom with technology.