Video: Why Students Shouldn’t Sit Still

Students in an old classroom

We don’t have to tell you that sitting is bad.

Countless studies prove a myriad of health issues connected to hours of sitting at a time.

In the workplace, gyms and standing desks are becoming the new normal, while in schools, there has been a decrease in physical education and recess over the last 30+ years.

With child obesity, teen type-2 diabetes, and many other health concerns on the rise, what can you do to impact the wellness of your students?

In the following video from Dr. Dieter Breithecker, a Health and Kinetics Scientist and the President of the Federal Institute on the Development of Posture and Movement in Germany, and VS America, a full-service furniture manufacturer, you’ll dive into the dangers of sitting still in the classroom and how you can fix it.

Don’t have time to watch the full video? Here are some quick take-a-ways:

  • You shouldn’t sit for more than 6 hours in a day.
  • You shouldn’t sit for more than 3 hours in an absolutely inactive position.
  • Having a 3D rocking mechanism allow students to move while sitting.
  • Your muscular system naturally wants to sway.
  • Your brain is more alert when you are active.
  • Stools, like the Hokki Stool from VS America, gives your body the ability to sway naturally.
  • Movement releases dopamine in the body.
  • Students with ADHD release produce less dopamine which means they move more to compensate.
  • By offering 3D rocking mechanisms (stools and chairs that move in place) you let students do what comes naturally without disrupting the classroom.
  • Moving your body is apart of learning.

How To Promote Movement In The Classroom

Hokki Stool

Outfit Your Learning Spaces With Hokki Stools

The Hokki Stool by VS America is the original wobble stool. With 5 different heights available, along with a height-adjustable option, the Hokki Stool is perfect for children and adults.

What makes the Hokki Stool so unique is it’s ability to help students exert their energy into balance and motion. Movement keeps the mind active which keeps your students engaged in the classroom.

Another great benefit of the Hokki Stool is that it is designed to promote good posture.


Moving your body is a part of learning and retaining information. To empower your students to take advantage of every moment in the classroom, outfit your learning spaces with Hokki Stools. Connect with us for a quote today!