2022 | CASH Conference Contest Winner and Booth Recap

CASH Conference D&D Integrated Solutions Booth 943

It’s been a little over a week since we exhibited at the CASH 43rd Annual Conference on School Facilities held at the beautiful Sacramento SAFE Credit Union Convention Center.

We, D&D Integrated Solutions, set up shop at booth #943. We showcased some amazing product and held a raffle for one lucky individual to win a 65 inch Samsung television.

Now that we had a few moments to soak everything in, it’s time to announce the winner and recap the innovative solutions we shared with everyone who attended the CASH conference in 2022.

D&D Integrated Solutions Contest Winner

D&D Integrated Solutions CASH Contest Winner 2022

Congratulations to Michael J. Scott, Principal Architect at Mangini Associates Inc., for winning a Samsung 65″ T.V. through our raffle.


Innovative School Products

We had a the great opportunity to collaborate with Promethean and VS America to showcase some innovative and forward-thinking school solutions. Checkout the great technology and furniture we had in our booth at the 2022 CASH conference.

Promethean Activ Panel

Promethean Interactive Display

Promethean Interactive Displays are an upgrade to the projection screen.

With crystal clear visuals, immersive sound, and a seamless interface, you can teach students in the classroom at the same time as those tuning in from home.


SPACE Storage CabinetsSPACE

Imagine having translucent, color-coated, storage that is both mobile and easy to categorize.


SPACE is a brand new storage system from VS America designed for art rooms, classrooms, STEM/STEAM labs, multipurpose rooms, wellness centers, and school libraries.


RondoLift Sit down / standing table


RondoLift is a desk that is height-adjustable to be a standing and sitting desk. 

RodoLift is perfect for teachers and students.

Choose between glides or casters.


Shift+ Transfer Teacher from VS America

Swift+ Transfer Teach

Swift+ Transfer Teach are cabinets where you need them most. 

Mobile storage is essential to your classroom. Imagine having everything you need to teach wherever you need it next!

Sounds awesome, right?

That is what Swift+ Transfer Teach brings to the table!

You have cabinet space that makes itself available wherever you need it in the classroom.



The LuPoStool sits on glides with that option of having a back.

Before you buy the LupoStool, ask yourself if you want to promote good posture or comfort.

Also, take advantage of the 3 different heights that are available to you. 

The taller chairs provide a footrest.


Solo Four Legged Stool from VS AMERICA

Solo stool

The Solo stool, from VS America, may look like a standard stool. 

However, take a closer look.

The footrests on the Solo stool provide four different heights to accommodate various age groups.

The Solo Stool is perfect for STEM/STEAM Labs, Cafeterias, Multipurpose Rooms, and Maker Spaces.



Jumper active chair

Jean Nouvel, one of the most influential architects and designers of the present day, designed the Jumper chair to be durable, comfortable, and active. 

What do we mean by active?

The chair has a little a slight bounce to it, giving your students the power to activate their bodies to keep the mind focused in class.

The Jumper active chair, from VS America, is available in six different school chair sizes and a wide variety of colors.


PantoSwing LuPo from VS AmericaPantoSwing chair

PantoSwing chairs are the perfect addition to your classroom because they are flexible, light, and stackable.

The back of the chair gives the student the power to slightly bounce back and forth.

When students can move their bodies in a way that feels natural, their brains stay active.



Jumper Active Chair from VS America


The PantoMove-LuPo has the same seat as the PantoSwing chair. 

What makes PantoMove-LuPo unique, in comparison, is the casters.

This height-adjustable chair comes in six styles and is perfect for STEM/STEAM labs, Maker Spaces, and teacher office spaces.

Shift+ Lectern from VS America

Shift+ Interact Height-Adjustable teacher’s lectern

The Shift+ Lectern is height adjustable, light, and easy to roll around.

This lectern is the ultimate teacher’s assistant and impromptu desk.

With four casters, one locking caster, you can quickly move this from student to student to help them with their questions.

This versatile teacher’s lectern comes with under-counter storage for books, Promethean Interactive Display remotes, and other teaching accessories. 


Shift+ Thumbprint Table

Shift+ Thumbprint table

Shift+ Thumbprint tables are stackable and easy-to-roll. The curved shape empowers students to nest the tables together to create collaborative table configurations.

Shift+ Thumprint tables promote independent study and collaboration with a space-friendly footprint.

Litetable from VS America

LiteTable-ST Stackable Table

The LiteTable-ST is light and stackable making it great for classrooms that demand different teaching arrangements.

You have the option of adding casters to two of the four glides which makes the table easier to move from one side of the classroom to the other.


Hokki stools

The Hokki helps students exert their energy into balance and motion, keeping them engaged in the classroom.

The Hokki stool is ergonomically designed to promote great posture. 

When you think of a wobble stool, this is the stool you have in mind. 

The Hokki stool is the original wobble stool.

There are five size options for different grade levels. On top of that, there is a height-adjustable Hokki Stool option for common areas where a multitude of age groups connect.


Did we miss you?

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