How To Create A School Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Although the recent pandemic has brought focus on teacher and student health in school, wellness has always been a priority when it comes to education. To show up and do your best, you must feel your best physically and mentally. 

Be proactive about health and wellness to create an environment that invites individuals to take control of their well-being. You have the power to foster a community of self-acknowledgment, productivity, and support when it comes to wholeness. 

How do you create a space that achieves this goal in your current learning environment?

We will break down how to design the perfect school wellness center by answering the following questions:

What is a School Wellness Center?

Unlike a wellness room, a school wellness center goes beyond creating a space for students to focus on self-care and mental health. A wellness center has a larger mission that involves students, teachers, guardians, and the community.

Create a Mission and Vision Statement

Before you start with creating a wellness center for your school, dive into your “why.” A mission and vision statement will help you create a functional space that fits all your needs. 

Wellness Center Mission Statement

Mission and vision statement from Sylvia Ramirez for Lathrop’s Wellness Center.

Services To Offer

Next, choose what services you’d like to offer. What you offer will depend on who your wellness center serves and when it is open.

Is it open only for students and teachers? Are you hoping to help parents, guardians, and the surrounding community?

Answer the above questions answered before moving forward with choosing services.

Here are a few examples of the type of services you can consider.

Faculty Training

Train staff in a space that promotes acceptance and comfort by designing a wellness center with plenty of easy-to-move furniture. Before you narrow down the types of seating and layout, brainstorm what kind of training you need to accommodate. One-to-one meetings need a different approach than group presentations.

Health Education

Teach positive approaches to mental, physical, and sexual health in teens. Create a safe space to help ensure that your students feel comfortable and open to tough conversations.


Work with students and their families to offer topic-focused help. Consultations can vary from grade discussions, ways to improve classroom performance or conversations about positive coping strategies for mental well-being. Think about creating secluded hubs where students and their guardians feel safe to discuss delicate topics.


Offer individual and group counseling to students and their parents/guardians. While consultation is usually a one-time visit, counseling often comprises multiple sessions. The long-term focus on self-care and mental health has a positive impact on a student’s performance in the classroom.

Nursing Services

Support student success through physical, mental, and social health services. Design the perfect place for a student to grab a bandaid, icepack, or rest while a parent/guardian picks them up. Think of how you can impact both physical and mental health in your wellness center.

Crisis Support

Become a trusted resource for critical events and circumstances in your school and community. There are several circumstances when you can open your wellness center up for the community in the evenings to provide specific training, services, and care. Create a wellness center that feels safe for all the people and services you plan to support.

Design Qualities Of A Great Wellness Center

If you want to create a school wellness center that feels safe and inviting, you have to focus on a few qualities to uphold. You’ve seen the word “safe” in this article several times already. It’s an important feeling. So how do you create a space that feels safe to teachers, students, parents, guardians, and the surrounding community?

Here are three qualities of a great wellness center:


When your students are comfortable, they are more likely to feel safe in their environment. Feeling safe is ideal for tackling sensitive topics like physical and mental well-being. 

So how do you create a comfortable environment?

  • Outfit your space with soft seating.
  • Use colors in your environment that are inviting.
  • Create variety in furniture types and height to let people choose a spot that works best for them.


With all the services you’ll offer, your wellness center will get a lot of traffic. Keeping it clean will be tough. Make design choices to create a space that is easy to keep clean. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Pick out easy to clean flooring.
  • Choose soft seating with stain-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics.
  • Pick table surfaces that are scrubbable and scratch-resistant. 


Create a wellness center that is reconfigurable to adapt to the many types of services you provide. To achieve an agile environment, you’ll want to look into:

  • Tables and chairs with casters.
  • Lightweight furniture.
  • Mobile space dividers.

Furniture For School Wellness Centers

Before choosing furniture for your wellness center, you have to know a few things.

First, think about the maximum amount of people you will have in your school wellness center at a time. Knowing this number will help you choose how many seats you need.

Secondly, write down the types of events you will accommodate. Choose furniture that supports the activities that will happen in your wellness center. 

Thirdly, consider the aesthetics. Choose laminates, fabrics, and coatings that match your school colors. Create a space that promotes belonging and school comradery by paying attention to the details.

Once you have those three things narrowed down, it’s time to choose furniture.

Tables and Chairs

It’s essential to provide plenty of seating and workspaces in your school’s wellness center. Consider the need for mobility, height, technology, storage, and color.

Soft Seating

Wellness centers often foster tough conversations. Create comfortable nooks with the help of soft seating like couches and chairs.

Wobble Stools

Wobble stools

Consider buying stools that allow students to fidget. The ability to fidget gives students the power to stay engaged in conversation while being active at the same time.

Technology For School Wellness Centers

Technology elevates your wellness center by offering quick access to presentations and information. You can also purchase technology that accommodates mobile devices brought in by students, teachers, parents/guardians, and the community.


Interactive Flat Screens

You’ll often need a presentation to accompany counseling, tutoring, support, and education programs.

Get a mobile stand for your interactive flat-screen to make it easy to move around in your school’s wellness center. 

Techguard Charging Lockers

Charging Lockers

If you plan on opening your wellness centers to the community, you will want to provide safe spaces for them to store laptops or phones. 

Charging lockers provide a space to secure devices and keep them charged.

How To Fund Your Projects

A wellness center has the power to bring students, teachers, parents/guardians, and the community together. However, with the additional need for funding, it can be hard to design the wellness center of your dreams. 

Here are two ways to find purchasing relief to help build your school’s wellness center.

COVID Relief Funds

Use your ESSER funds to create spaces that are functional beyond the pandemic. If you’re wondering what type of school solutions qualify for ESSER funds, download The Relief Funds Buying Guide. 

Covid Relief Funds Buying Guide

The Relief Funds Buying Guide is packed with tons of inspiration to help you make educated purchasing decisions. 


Purchase with the help of a contract to get pre-negotiated prices. When you buy your wellness center furniture through a contract you avoid the bid process. Get your furniture quicker without the hassle.

Check out these piggy-backable contracts from D&D Integrated Solutions.

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