Buy With Our Piggyback-able Contracts

Are you ready to upgrade your school furniture, classroom technology, or AV equipment?

Selecting gear for your learning environment is the fun part.

However, when it comes to purchasing, the process gets tricky.

You’re probably going to go to bid. Yes, you heard us right. BID!

How much do you sarcastically enjoy the process of multiple quotes that don’t always meet your expectations?

It would be nice to avoid that whole process, right?

Luckily, we have multiple state and national cooperative purchasing contracts that have done the work for you.

Our local and national contracts are open to all government agencies, including universities, community colleges, and school districts. By taking advantage of the streamlined purchasing process that complies with California procurement law, you can avoid the hassle of going to bid.

You can rest assured that you will get the products you need at cooperatively bid prices.

Also, since you’re avoiding the bid process, you will get your products and services delivered much faster!

How awesome is that?

Our California contracts (CMAS/GSA, LAUSD, PEPPM) give you the best products at the best prices with the security of knowing your purchases are approved.

Our national cooperative contracts (OMINIA Partners, OETC, NCPA) contain some of the most robust portfolios of high-quality products available for the public procurement space so your organization can achieve its strategic goals.


Contracts Available Through D&D Integrated Solutions

Detailed below are the piggyback-able contracts and their respective lines we offer:



  • Mobile Device Locker (MDL)
  • Super-Lock Equipment Security Solutions


D&D Security - Since 1972

Los Angeles USD (Furniture Contract # 4400006549)

  • Bretford
  • National Office Furniture
  • Corona Group Furniture
  • RightAngle Furniture
  • Surfaceworks Furniture
  • Paragon Furniture
  • Tenjam Furniture
  • MooreCo Furniture
  • Wisconsin Bench Mfg.
  • Mobile Device Locker (MDL)
  • Datamation Systems


NCPA: National Cooperative Purachsing Alliance

NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance)

  • Bretford (Contract # 07-21)
  • Kimball (Contract # 07-35)
  • Promethean (Contract # 01-110)

PEPPM Cooperative Purchasing

PEPPM Cooperative Purchasing

  • Wisconsin Bench Mfg. (Contract # 528899-185)
  • Promethean (Contract # 528899-123)

OMNI Partners

OMNIA Partners

  • National Office Furniture (Contract # R191811)
  • VS America (Contract # R191818)
  • Kimball (Contract # 2019001896)

OETC Contract Promethean


  • Promethean (Contract # OETC-191)


How to work with us

Contact us if you’d like to learn how to use our piggy-backable contracts to purchase school furniture, classroom technology, and AV equipment.

We are a full-service business that will help you deploy devices and furniture, renovate your classrooms, libraries, and cafeterias, and guide you through the process of creating a future-proof learning environment.