How To Use Pinterest To Create Better School Learning Spaces

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D&D Integrated Solutions is excited to announce that we have joined the Pinterest community! We strive to give you new ways to interact with the technology and furniture solutions we support, the learning environments we help to create, and the full line of services we offer. We hope to give all this by consistently contributing to Pinterest.

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If you’re a teacher looking to re-invent your classroom and need some inspiration, Pinterest is the best place to collect those ideas.

So what kind of inspiration can you expect to find on Pinterest?

Here are 5-ways to use our Pinterest page to design more innovative and creative classrooms and libraries. 

Flexible School Furniture Ideas

When we create learning spaces, we offer the latest school furniture. Promote flexible environments that adapt to different ways your students learn by checking out the most recent information.

Why is agile school furniture important?

Furniture that moves with ease promotes an environment that encourages your students to take responsibility for their learning. A body in motion creates an active mind. 

Collaborative and mobile furniture moves with the lesson plan you create. Nest tables together for group learning or in a row for presentations.

Whether you’re creating a brand new classroom layout or adding a few pieces, you’ll have access to the latest furniture ideas when you follow us on Pinterest.

For example, check out the latest pin that showcases various Hokki Stool sizes. 

Pinterest Post show the 5 sizes of a Hokki Stool

The Hokki Stool, by VS America, allows your students to fidget. Give your students the ability to expel energy without getting up and interrupting the process of learning by putting a few Hokki Stools in your classroom.

Innovative School Technology

We offer the latest school furniture to help create mobile classrooms that help you create flexible environments that adapt to the different ways students learn. 

Technology supports active learning by also being mobile. Learning happens beyond the classroom when you deploy mobile devices in your school.

Keeping laptops and tablets secured and charged throughout the day is often a challenge. 

We will keep you inspired with plenty of Store & Charge solutions, device cases, and active charging ideas.

Want classroom technology that goes beyond the devices your students use?

Follow us on Pinterest for the latest interactive classroom technology, like these Promethean Interactive Displays.

Promethean Intereactive Display Posted on Pinterest

Learning Space Inspiration

At D&D Integrated Solutions, we have the incredible opportunity to work on great design projects with many school districts in California. When you follow us on Pinterest, you get an inside view of how we transform learning environments. Get inspired by our classroom, library, media center, wellness center, and cafeteria design projects.

You’ll get a sneak peek into other school districts and learn how to customize your learning environments with school colors, murals, and collaborative furniture.

To get a taste of what we’re posting on Pinterest, check out this innovative project we did for Corcoran Unified School District.

A Pinterest Post of Studio 3:15 which is a project D&D worked on.

We created Studio 3:15 for a games & simulations pathway program to engage learners in information, communications, and technology. The space gives students plenty of places to learn, study, and work with soft seating and furniture of different heights.

One of our favorite features is two large bi-fold doors that connect the indoor learning environment with the outdoors. This addition creates a space that recognizes that learning can happen anywhere.

School Design Tips And Tricks

Some fun things happen in classrooms every day, and we want to share that with you.

Our team of knowledgeable representatives visits California Schools weekly. They see and design super clever things.

Have you ever seen a great example of how you can match laminates from new tables to old circulation desks in a library?

How about inspiration to help you create your own flatlay like the one below?

Pinterest Post Of A Flatlay of Classroom Inspiration

When you follow us on Pinterest, you will have access to all kinds of tips and tricks to use in your classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and other education spaces.

Newest School Product Offerings

New products launch all the time. Some school products get the recognition they deserve. Other products get lost in the noise.

We make it a priority to share the best school furniture and technology solutions. You’ll have instant access to the latest and most innovative products when you follow us on Pinterest.

What is currently the most innovative classroom technology?

Mobile Charging Station for schools

Check out the Cube Tower. The Cube Tower encourages students to keep devices charged without hovering around the wall outlet. Learning happens in the middle of the classroom, and the Cube Tower helps your students stay there.


Pinterest is a great way to have all of your favorite things in one collection. 

If you’re interested in creating learning environments that inspire teachers and students alike, then follow us on Pinterest.

We guarantee to pin flexible school furniture ideas, innovative technology, learning space inspiration, design tips and tricks, and the newest product offerings.

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