Local Elementary School Loses 40 Tablets to Theft

Local community members, along with D&D, save the day!

Over the 2018 winter break, an Oakland USD elementary school was broken into and thieves stole 40 tablets that the local community had just donated (click here to read the news report). The school hoped the community would step up and replace the donated tablets – and they did! That’s when we decided to get involved and make sure that didn’t happen to them again.  We donated two Mobile Device Lockers to secure the replaced tablets.

Research indicates that mobile device theft is on the rise. According to a recent Spiceworks survey of IT decision-makers, 61% of organizations surveyed reported laptop or tablet loss or theft. The convenience and portability of mobile devices make them a prime target for theft – especially in classrooms. Campus IT pros are turning to D&D for innovative device security solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and provide lasting peace of mind. That’s exactly what our Mobile Device Lockers do – they secure and protect your devices right in the classroom; they’re universal (adjustable dividers allows for any type of mobile device – making this locker future-proof); they can be secured to a counter, wall or floor…and they’re affordable.

We were glad we could this elementary school – but don’t let the same thing happen to your school or district. Call us at 800-453-4195 to discuss your campus asset security needs. We have many options to choose from and we can assist you with the right choice for your campus or district.