Is Your Campus IT Equipment Safe From Theft?

With regular headlines about the latest cyber attack, the physical security of IT equipment is often overlooked. Your campuses must, of course, take precautions to protect your staff and student computers, but what about the theft of IT equipment left in your labs, classrooms, meeting halls and libraries? You no doubt have thousands of dollars worth of televisions, projectors, lab computers and more in empty rooms all over campus every weekend, summer and holiday break.

IT equipment theft is a major issue for campus security teams and IT departments. Studies have revealed that 84% of those schools that had suffered mobile device or AV equipment theft, only 3% ever recovered their equipment.

The solution is multiple levels of security to defend against theft. A proactive approach to monitoring student and staff practices is required to ensure adequate protection. The security of your IT equipment begins with the environment within which the devices will be used. For instance, the theft of servers has been on the increase as in some cases, it is easier to steal the server itself and retrieve the data that is wanted later.

Perform a security audit of your entire campus – including office spaces. Of course security doors should be fitted to prevent unauthorized access. But certain spaces, such as server rooms, should have an additional security overlay and access protocol. Additionally, all campus notebooks, desktops, tablets and other mobile devices need to be audited so a detailed security plan can be developed and implemented.

Physical Security – Best Practices

  • Clearly label equipment with an asset identification label – keep a record of everything. We offer this product and service to education.
  • Lock equipment in secure places (such as a charging locker or cart secured to a dock) when not in use or tether them to a secure object. D&D offers all of these solutions.
  • Secure all rooms when equipment is left unattended.
  • Use access control systems to limit access from public.

There are a number of security products that your campus could invest in to help reduce the instances of theft such as:

Mobile Device Cable Lock Kits

TV and other AV Equipment Cable Lock Kits

PC/Server/Mobile Device Enclosures

Equipment Alarms

Security Carts and Devices

Secure Charging Lockers

These security solutions are all versatile enough to secure most types of IT equipment your campus is likely to use. From desktops and tablets to projectors and TVs, taking the time to think about the physical security of these items can avoid downtime and costly replacements.

Developing a physical security policy that complements your digital security policy is now vital for your campus to function with the least amount of disruption.

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