How Color Can Promote Learning


Have you been thinking about how to redesign your learning spaces to promote learning? If so, then most likely you’ve thought about how colors affect your students’ behavior – and for good reason! Recent scientific studies have shown that different colors, their combinations, and their placement can have an effect on attention, memory, feelings, and behaviors of students.

Color is the most powerful stimulus to the brain.  So, how can you use color to benefit your students’ learning?

The first thing to take into consideration is how individual colors elicit different responses. Once you understand how color affects behavior, you can couple that knowledge with the classroom goal you want to acheive.

Green – Green reminds us of nature, and because of this has a calming effect.  Green increases efficiency and focus, and is great for when you need your students to concentrate for a long time.

Red –According to research, the color red stimulates the adrenal glands.  It can evoke feelings of energy and threat, but has also appears to improve focus and performance.

Orange – Orange is a definite mood-lifter! This welcoming color provides comfort and enhances neural functioning. However, the color orange may be over stimulating for some students; keep this in mind if you have an exceptionally energetic class (or age group).

Pink – The color pink promotes calmness and can reduce the heart rate.

Blue – Contrary to popular belief, blue does not equal sadness!  Blue promotes productivity and is best for challenging learning situations.  Blue is great for promoting high levels of thought, but too much can create a sense of detachment and coldness. It is helpful to mix blue with warmer colors.

Yellow – Typically known as a cheerful color, the color yellow can improve happiness; too much yellow can produce stress, so should be tempered with a cool color.

One of the best ways to incorporate color into the classroom is through furniture and décor. STEM labs are an excellent place to use color to promote learning and collaboration. D&D has years of experience and the resources to help you create beautiful, inspiring and COLORFUL learning spaces! Call us at 800-453-4195 for more information.