New Facebook Communication App That Could Benefit Students

New Facebook Communication App That Could Benefit Students

New messaging tools for educators and students. 

Facebook continues to stay one step ahead with advancements in technology and communication. Facebook’s latest tool has Internet safety for youngsters in mind. The new Messenger Kids app allows trusted adults to sign up kids as young as six for the text and video messaging platform that works on tablets and smartphones.

Although the app is aimed at kids much younger than the minimum age to join Facebook (which is 13), Facebook has worked to make sure the app follows the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule. Facebook team members have also worked with groups like the National PTA to ensure that they were creating a safe and secure way for students to engage in conversation online.

The app has promised to be useful in the classroom, but it is currently run by parental approval. This step was a way to give parents more control in what their children say and do online. However, this advancement could open new doors for schools and communications to teachers, too.

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