Unexpected Perks of a Cloud Migration

Unexpected Perks of a Cloud Migration

Surprising benefits of cloud computing.

Many school districts are well into the cloud journeys now that they know how much it can benefit the safety and infrastructure of their school. Even so, there are some schools that have yet to take the plunge and dive into the cloud. Read on for three unexpected benefits of cloud computing and how it can impact your school for the better.

  • Increases Employee Productivity

Previously, remote workers would have to dial into a virtual private network, which was not only time-consuming but also frustrating. Now, cloud applications are much more accessible and are often organized in one central location. That means that employees near and far can log on, click the application they need, and get right to work. 

  • Business Continuity

If a school-assigned computer goes down while the employee works from home, he or she can easily log onto a home computer and continue working. Additionally, if a work machine goes down, an employee can start up their personal tablet or laptop and keep working while the IT staff get to the source of the issue. Cloud apps allow staff to stay productive and for business to continue as usual, even if there’s a network outage or a data center issue.

  • Increases Focus on Higher-Level IT

With the use of cloud applications in schools, IT staff can spend less time on routine maintenance and help-desk calls and focus on more interesting and beneficial work. IT staff will have more time to focus on security and meeting compliance regulations.

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