What is a Modern Learning Environment?

What is a Modern Learning Environment?

Today’s modern classroom requires upgrades to support 21st-century learning opportunities.

Throughout recent years, education has shifted dramatically. Now, there is a modern emphasis on higher-order thinking and future-ready skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. While many schools have incorporated technology to aid these skills and future student development, some classrooms remain stubbornly static. Gone are the days where students should solely be sitting in rows at desks and a teacher delivering instruction on a whiteboard or projector at the front.

Typically, a modern learning environment incorporates:

  • Connected devices (notebooks, tablets, etc.)
  • Audiovisual tools (projectors and touch-screen displays)
  • Purposeful furniture (standing desks, collaborative workstations, and connected seating)

Technology and connectivity help with all aspects of learning and all abilities. However, the reality of it is that student devices are often not put to their highest use because they are sometimes seen as an afterthought. Most schools predate the tablets and laptops that students are using by several decades. For a time, schools relied on laptop carts, but this was time-consuming and cumbersome. Some schools have had success in bring-your-own-device policies, whereas others have found it impossible to manage a computing environment where every student had a different device.

While classroom furniture seems like a low-tech solution to the future of technology in school, it can be a high-impact tool. A modern learning environment requires a flexible and agile physical setup that will accommodate both independent and group work, and one where students can learn in ways that make them feel comfortable and help them to focus.

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