3 Steps for Better Disaster Recovery

3 Steps for Better Disaster Recovery

Cover all the correct bases for better disaster recovery in schools.  

While no school wants to believe that a disaster will happen, sometimes it can’t be avoided. Without proper disaster recovery plans, IT managers will often panic when things go from bad to worse. To improve your disaster recovery strategies, check out these tips.

Identify Crucial Data Requirements

Unsurprisingly, replicating all of an organization’s data can be costly. Therefore, data should be inventoried and classified to prioritize the organization’s most essential applications, processes, and data.

Calculate Risk and Recovery Objectives

While data center downtime always has a negative impact, different organizations face different risks. Organizations should outline possible costs associated with downtime, including lost revenue, regulatory fines, expenses, and reputation damage. 

Find Technical Solutions

Once schools have a firm grasp on their important data, risk areas, and recovery objectives, they can explore solutions that best meet their needs, whether it’s colocation facilities or cloud services.

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