How to Be Ransomware Savvy

How to Be Ransomware Savvy

Is your school safe from ransomware attacks?

While we rely on technology for more and more, the risk of cyber attacks increases. As of December 2017, at least 283 U.S. public schools and districts reported cybersecurity incidents in the nearly two years since January 2016. Unfortunately, criminals are likely to seek to extort money from school districts and other educational institutions on the threat of releasing sensitive data from student records. Is your school safe? These ransomware prevention tips can help.

Spread cybersecurity awareness.  Faculty, staff, and students share in this responsibility. Schools should be up to date and review their strategies to protect student and staff data regularly.

Educate on how to identify. Train users to recognize and report threats including phishing, spear phishing, social engineering, and more.

Conduct a security audit. Regularly ensure that all of your systems have reliable security. Change factory-installed passwords, segment the network, and limit administrative privileges for student accounts.

Keep a secure backup schedule. Reliable, cloud-based backups are crucial. Reinstalling software and recovering data may be time-consuming, but it beats having to pay a ransom and further encouraging attackers. Carefully document restoration procedures and data continuity plans.

Schools should be aware of the risks they face as well as knowing how to protect themselves and their students. Don’t wait to secure reliable protection. Contact D&D Security by calling 800-453-4195 or by clicking here.