3 Ways Administrators Can Prove the Efficiency of Digital Tools

Ways Administrators Can Prove the Efficiency of Digital Tools

K-12 leaders must prove new technology is worth the investment.

These days, many new apps, devices, and technological advances are being rolled out on a daily basis. While this creates a fantastic opportunity for school leaders to improve education, aid teachers, and create seamless processes, it’s important that these digital tools are worth it. For change to be embraced by all stakeholders, it’s vital that improvement is readily shown.

Accountability is important in every line of work. It is especially important in schools as teachers and principals alike are responsible for what resources trickle down to the pupils. To solidify the use of technology as an established practice, not just a frill or add-on, here are a few ways administrators can provide the ability of digital tools.

Ask Essential Questions

Questions are great at determining whether success is possible. Note that having more questions than answers is a natural part of the initial change process. Consider how you might respond to the questions below:

  • What evidence do we have to demonstrate the impact of technology on school culture?
  • How are we making learning relevant for our students?
  • How can targeted feedback be provided to our teachers and students, so that technology can enhance learning?

Keep Practicality in Mind

Every tool that is implemented should align with the demands of the job, including preparing students for success on standardized tests. If it’s not practical, the drive to implement new ideas and practices never materializes. Creating digital performance tasks that are aligned with the standards of the curriculum isn’t just good practice, it’s essential.

Reflect on the Outcomes

Consider if the student learned, how teachers knew their students were educated, how others can know that the students have been taught, and what can be done to improve? A simple reflection on the material and tool can spark new ideas and methods that ultimately benefit the pupils’ education and school.

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