PD, Planning, and Tech Investments for Learning Success

PD, Planning and Tech Investments for Learning Success

Teacher Training and Blended Learning Success

Blended learning, where students split their time between in-class lessons and online work, has become increasingly popular in K-12 education due to its success. Unsurprisingly, researchers found that blended learning was much more successful when the teacher had received proper and thorough training and support. What’s more, they had the support from schools and districts to aid their learning, too.

A recent report found that blended learning transformed teaching practices for 43 percent of teachers surveyed, while 44 percent said that the same tech has improved their students’ performance. The teachers also noted that their schools were at least offering some formal support for blended technology. Unfortunately, their peers who indicated that technology hasn’t changed their classroom for the better didn’t receive the same amount of support.

Although blended learning reimagines teaching and has successful results, schools should know that it comes as an investment. Teachers need to be correctly trained, and many schools often aren’t prepared for the investment of time and teacher training to turn a traditional classroom into a blended one. In addition, the lack of investment in quality technology and infrastructure led to challenges in implementing blended learning.

For some schools, not having enough devices for each student made it difficult to complete online activities on time. Other schools said that they had to prepare two lesson plans, just in case their Internet connection went down.

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