Ways Technology Helps Educators Tackle Low Literacy Rates

Ways Technology Helps Educators Tackle Low Literacy Rates

Put technology to good use to boost comprehension of reading and writing.  

The ability to read and write is a gift; it is not given. Teachers must work carefully to educate their students in this field, as it is a life-long skill. As schools do not have a lot of control over what goes on at home, tackling the literacy rate starts in school. Unfortunately, many middle and high school students continue to score below proficient in reading and writing.

Low literacy can impact the individual’s entire life, from writing incorrectly to struggling to find work. Adapting lessons to fit every learner’s needs is far from an easy task, but these tools can help to make it simpler, clearer, and more engaging for each student.

Word Clouds

A word cloud is an excellent visual way to display text and help students make connections. Cloud generators, such as Wordle or WordItOut, create beautiful, colorful word clouds that can prompt discussion questions before and after reading the text. Students can even discuss why they think certain words appear more than others, helping them to gain a better understanding of context.

Text to Speech Apps

Voice reading apps, or text-to-speech apps, are effective tools for students who struggle to read. The app plays the text aloud so students can listen as they read along. It’s especially helpful for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities who may get stressed and lose their confidence when reading. Google offers this and it is free of charge.

Collaborative Tools

A great way to make students work a little harder on their next writing assignment is to use a collaborative tool, which allows their work to be published on a blog for all the world to see. GoogleDocs is a good tool for this, as it allows the teacher and other students to reach each other’s work and give feedback.

Literacy Games

A reliable way to get kids’ attention is through games. With a quick Google search, you can find online games for anything from vocabulary to grammar to spelling. If your classroom has a SMART Board, the entire class can play together and you can create teams to make the games more interesting. Games are very effective because they allow students to learn and engage in the activity, all the while having fun!

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