How Will AR Transform Education

How Will AR Transform Education

Augmented reality has the power to provide students with more interactive experiences.

Even though AR (augmented reality) is still up and coming, the trend only seems to be getting bigger. From Pokémon Go to smartphone games to virtual reality headsets, children and adults alike are getting their hands on the latest technology. By 2018, the AR device market is expected to reach about $660 million. This industry is even appealing to students as K-12 and higher education students are engaging with interactive books.

Medical schools are looking into how virtual reality experiences can play a part in training future doctors and surgeons with better simulations. In K-12 schools, augmented reality can facilitate better experiences for deaf and hard-of-hearing students by creating interactive flashcards that use sign language.

Several studies over the recent years have noted how augmented reality can enhance learning and classroom interactions. It has the potential to revolutionize learning by making the studying experience fun and interactive. Science, Humanities, and the Arts are the fields of education where AR has been applied the most. Health and Teacher training were industries that closely followed. The main advantages of AR are learning gains, interaction, motivation, and collaboration. Every industry can benefit from these four features!

It’s a great concept, but how exactly can schools bring AR into the classroom? Here are just a few ways!

  • Homework lessons – Students can scan a page of their homework with a device and then the page can reveal a video of their teacher helping them to solve a problem.
  • Word walls – This is when students record themselves explaining the definition of different words, which can then be collaborated to create a montage or ‘word wall.’ This would be especially beneficial for students learning a second language.
  • Book reviews – Students can record their review of a certain book and then attach it as assigned digital information. Afterward, anyone can scan the cover of the book to instantly access the review.

Schools can benefit from implementing modern technology into the classroom. To help protect your ever-evolving school, contact D&D Security by calling 800-453-4195 or by clicking here.