Keeping Parents Informed When Using Technology in the Classroom

Keeping Parents Informed When Using Technology in the Classroom

Parents can help their children understand classroom innovation.

As schools integrate new technology and devices, school leaders need to capture the minds of children as well as their parents. Experts in the field agree parent engagement is important for student engagement. Even so, few schools consider parents when moving forward with digital innovation plans.

A recent study found that 80% of lower-income parents think that classroom technology will improve their child’s education. However, low-income communities are often the most affected by the homework gap and digital divide. Parents continue to be worried about the amount of time children spend on devices as well as the content they will find, even though they do believe that the changing technology provides valuable skills.

There needs to be a balance between leveraging technology for learning experiences and preventing kids from becoming addicted to their phones. Part of these concerns regarding technology usage can be assuaged if parents are kept informed about their children’s use of digital tools in education.

More schools are realizing just how important support at home can be when it comes to technology in the classroom. Some have even reported that they encourage parents to use the parent portal online because when parents are engaged, kids are as well. It’s the role of the school to make sure that parents know they are trying to equip their students with skills to succeed in the world.

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