How Flexible Furniture in the Classroom Can Boost Learning Outcomes

How Flexible Furniture in the Classroom Can Boost Learning Outcomes

Rise and shine – The world of sitting classroom learning is changing.  

In general, the education system is the most resistant to change. From teachers struggling to break old habits to a traditional sense of what education should be, this sector has seen some difficulties in adapting to the more modern methods. However, it has also come with some tremendous improvements. Technology in the classroom is now better than ever. Included in that is the evolving furniture of the classroom.

If students remain stuck in a row of desks, mobile technology in that isolated atmosphere can actually exacerbate a lack of communication and collaboration in the classroom. However, there is a solution. Standing desks help to sidestep the potential isolating effects of mobile technology.

More and more research is beginning to unveil the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods of time. It has been found that someone sitting for over six hours per day is 40 percent more likely to die without fifteen years than someone who sits less than three. Even if you exercise! Standing desks can help tackle this issue while providing a suitable learning experience for students.

Stand up desks are being designed specifically for the classroom. The variable-height desks feature a water-bottle holder, a pencil tray, a backpack hook, and, optionally, a cubby for extra storage. The goal is to make sure everything a student needs is there at the desk, cutting down on disruptions during the day and maximizing instructional time.

Of course, stand-up desks will shift the classroom dynamic. Teachers will now have to ensure that communication, collaboration, and creativity are not hindered by the standing students. However, these can be addressed by implementing a seating plan that rotates, so that students are standing near different members of the classroom. Collaboration can easily be highlighted by encouraging movement, such as standing at the front of the class to answer questions, or setting up groups for projects, sparking creativity.

Schools can benefit from implementing modern furniture into the classroom. To help protect your ever-evolving school, contact D&D Security by calling 800-453-4195 or by clicking here.