3 Interactive Displays Boost Classroom Collaboration

Ways Interactive Displays Boost Classroom Collaboration

Interactive technologies in the classroom boost morale, learning, and results alike.

Gone are the days when teachers would scratch on blackboards with dusty chalk to teach the class. Even now, overhead projectors are becoming a tool of the past. These days, it’s all about SMART Boards, which implement smart technology into the classroom to create a visual interactive display unlike any other. The results from these boards are pleasing, too. Smart Technologies found that collaborative technology and group learning make student success 3.4 times more likely.

Check out just some of the benefits of interactive displays in the classroom!

1) Boosts Social Learning

Group activities are often supporting with technology, and using SMART Boards are no different. Students in classrooms with the top technology indicate they are 13 percent more likely to feel confidence contributing to class discussions. Furthermore, the technology can lead to 20 percent higher levels of socio-emotional skill development. These developments help to foster collaboration and communication skills, making the students’ group experience that much more valuable.

2) Interactive Displays Move Anywhere

Anyone who has been around an interactive projector will know that no matter where you sit in the classroom, you have the same experience. Essentially, this technology eliminates the classroom walls, engaging all students in the room, front and back. New projectors can turn any surface into a touchscreen, meaning that teachers are able to reposition as necessary and move into any space.

3) Encourages Real-Time Collaboration

SMART Boards facilitate the collaboration necessary for students to develop these skills. Creating an audience response system on the interactive display makes it easier for students to use devices to participate in class surveys, quizzes, and games. The results can also be analyzed in real time.

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