Technology in the Music Classroom Creates Efficiencies

Technology can help teachers explore how music relates to your subject matter.

Evidence shows that learning music can translate to other gains academically. Furthermore, The Special Music School at Kaufman Music Center in New York City frequently ranks among the highest standardized test scores. As technology continues to become a part of everyday school life, it’s no surprise that the rise of digital means can benefit the 21st-century music classroom. In turn, this can lead to more positive outcomes for students.

Technology Brings More Creativity and Accessibility

Ever since technology entered the classroom, the way of teaching changed. In music rooms, this was especially evident. For example, music teachers have been known to show YouTube videos, inspiring and educating pupils alike. Now, it is easier than ever to slow a YouTube video to the speed of your choice for a play along or demonstration. As a result, pupils can learn to write music as they see it being played.

With thanks to technology, even beginner musicians can learn about composition. A variety of apps have a single interface and can teach a lot about music while making use of typical classroom devices. Accessible apps such as Figure and Keezy use brightly colored blocks to help users compose music, dragging and dropping notes and sounds to create a unique piece. For those with little to no music talent, apps can spark creativity where individuals didn’t think possible.

Technology Can Help Teachers Track Goals

For seasoned music teachers, technology is also useful. Just as any other teacher would, technology can be used to help track student progress, identify patterns, and set traceable goals. Music teachers especially benefit as top technology allows them to determine if problems follow any overall patterns, including issues with pitch, rhythm, technical skills, or interpretation. These considerations can then be addressed to help improve the student’s study and performance.

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