AR and VR Headset Sales Continue to Spike

AR and VR Headset Sales Continue to Soar

Virtual reality headsets sales rise, aiding plenty of industries.

When the virtual reality headset came to life, it was no surprise that the device took off. It has helped organizations and businesses around the world to transform a viewer’s experience in the best way possible. This real-life viewing takes the individual into the setting, hearing, and seeing the sights first hand.

Sales of augmented and virtual reality headsets are expected to rise 108.3 percent by 2020, says the International Data Corporation. A projection on Campus Technology reports that with this increased growth rate, 76 million units of AR and VR technology will be shipped in 2020.

While sales of more affordable AR devices continue to lead the market in terms of volume, the high-end devices are captured by those businesses with a larger budget. AR headsets are predicted to continue to pick up momentum over the forecast as more affordable technology and more original equipment manufacturers enter the market.

For those in school and university, the device can help those on small organizations and create unique experiences. In 2016, 10.1 million VR headsets were sold and Campus Technology reports this number is expected to reach 61 million in 2020.

Keep an eye out for these technologies taking off in universities and schools, helping students and teachers alike.

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