The Tool to Schedule High School Counselor Visits

Tool to Schedule High School Counselor Visits

Streamline communications to help those in education. 

The education technology company, Hobsons, recently rolled out the next generation of RepVisits. This free tool for those in the education sector streamlines networking and communications between high school counselors and college admissions staff.

The tool RepVisits is available at no cost to high school counselors within the Hobsons Counselor Community network. As it is integrated into Hobsons’ Intersect platform that was also launched last month, individual parties can readily communicate with those that they need to.

RepVisits was originally created by a former high school counselor back in 2015, but in early 2017 it was acquired by Hobsons. RepVists has been used by more than 14,000 high schools in just one school year, 2016-2017. In higher education institutions, the tool was used by many and made around 59,000 college counselor visits. With more exposure to higher education institutions, high schools using RepVisits have reported seeing visits increase by up to 50 percent, according to information from the company.

In addition to streamlining communications, the tool can be used to connect students to ‘best-fit schools,’ or ones where the highest return on investment is possible. It is able to do this by analyzing millions of applications and student records to identify the motivational factors behind student enrolment. This not only saves time and money but means that the student is suggested the right school for their needs and wants. In short, this can help to change an individual’s study, career, and life.

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