Wearable Technology Soars with Sales Expected to Double

Wearable Market Expected to Double in Next Four Years

Those in education could soon reap the benefit of updates to wearable devices.

Wearable technology is taking off, helping busy individuals in every sector. Recent data shows that even more wearable devices could be coming to K12 classrooms and higher education campuses.

Campus Technology reports that 240.1 million wearables are predicted to be shipped in 2021, with watches taking the lead. After all, there is little that you can’t do on these devices. From calculating fitness to checking emails to monitoring health to scanning into buildings, there’s a lot that these gadgets can do to streamline anyone’s day.

“Since the market’s inception, it’s been a matter of getting product out there to generate awareness and interest,” says Ramon Llamas, IDC’s wearables research manager. “Now it’s about getting the experience right — from the way the hardware looks and feels to how the software collects, analyzes, and presents insightful data.” Llamas is not wrong. Devices can do a range of useful tasks, such as tracking health stats, allowing access to all of your smartphone’s apps, and more.

Expect to see more wearable devices come to light in campuses and classrooms all over the country.

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