How to Make the Most of a Portable Classroom

Making the Most of a Portable Classroom

You may not be thrilled you’re stuck in a portable classroom – but here’s how to make the most of it!

Every day across the States, hundreds of thousands of teachers go to work in portable classrooms. These teachers and students face certain challenges in such a space, from having too little space to noise pollution to difficult access to bathrooms. Since the acoustic design is not ideal, and there are all sorts of noises leaking in, students in portables can also have difficulty hearing everything the teacher says. Teachers can find themselves disconnected from the rest of the school, and children may receive the quality education they deserve.


Secure a Lightspeed Redcat Access portable audio system, which includes a wearable microphone and a wireless, flat-panel speaker. The system fills the room with the teacher’s natural voice, overcoming the background noises. Teachers have found that they now have more energy because they don’t have to speak up all day long, and students engage with the class more because can hear exactly what the teacher is saying.


In rain or bad weather, having a portable classroom can seem like a hardship. Covered walkways are a must, to protect teachers and children alike. There must be a solid system for students entering and exiting the main building and outside classrooms. Each modular should have its own bathroom so that student’s do not have to leave a central area, and miss a valuable part of the lesson.

Share Space

Portable classrooms aren’t always the place to display children’s artwork or a bulletin board notice. If possible, use areas like the cafeteria to put these pieces of work or notices.

Schools can actively participate in bettering their portable classrooms for children and teachers alike. In return, this will have a known-on effect for the rest of the school!

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