SchoolDude’s New Help Desk Platform Aids Faculty and IT Support

SchoolDude introduces a Help Desk platform, reshaping how work order management improves education institutions.

SchoolDude, created by Dude Solutions, expanded its portfolio of cloud-based operation management tools with the unveiling of Help Desk. This new management platform is designed for K-12 and higher education institutions to improve the communication between faculty and IT support teams.

Help Desk streamlines work order management and improves asset tracking by opening up the lines of communication between the staff and IT support. The user can submit support requests via e-mail or through a request submission portal, and the IT tickets are automatically routed to technicians based on their locations or skill sets. Users then receive automated email updates as tasks as started and resolved.

The platform’s data reporting tools provide configurable reports and interactive dashboards to help analyze productivity and improve decision-making. Help Desk also integrates directly with SchoolDude’s Technology Essentials Insight and Mobile Device Management products, helping provide IT managers with an overall view of the organization’s IT and mobile assets.

Many school IT teams have limited resources, as well as being severely understaffed. Help Desk aims to reduce requests and streamlined workflows to resolve issues quickly and maximize the IT support team’s efficiency. IT leaders can use the data and reporting tools to make the best long-term decisions for their organization.

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