Common Security Traps to Avoid

Digital security should be a top priority. Don’t leave your system exposed by neglecting the basics.

Maintaining a strong defense against cyberthreats can feel like a task that never ends. Just leave one end vulnerable, and hackers and crackers will find a way to into your system. However, colleges and higher education institutions may not be doing all they can to keep their people and assets safe from risk.

To help secure your systems, avoid getting complacent (a common trap to avoid), and use these tips.

Establish a written information security policy. Once you have it in writing, employees and outside IT personnel will be able to follow standard procedures to prevent attacks and act quickly should one occur.

Establish mandatory security awareness training. All people who use digital devices should be aware of what to do to limit exposure to threats, as well as who to inform and how to respond to a threat.

Increase the role of governance in IT security. Have the professionals take over when necessary, such as when installing new updates or streamlining systems. Set security features on high alert so that there is no chance of an employee accidentally opening a phishing email.

Inventory sensitive data in key systems. All personal information should not be kept in one sole location. Similarly, anyone who jumps onto a computer should not be able to access this information easily. Keep all important data well hidden under high security.

Purchase cybersecurity insurance. This coverage can help you when you face the aftermath of an attack. To help restore your systems, data, and reputation as quickly as possible, secure this coverage.

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