Education, Innovation, & Technology – Find Out How Schools Are Preparing Kids for the Real World

Learn more about the latest in educational innovation.

Education is an important element in helping the next generation thrive. However, traditional education often doesn’t give kids what they need to succeed. Innovation paired with technology is on the rise to help better educate kids around the world. Check out a few of the latest innovative educational practices. Here’s what you need to know.

Technology and Personalized Learning.

Summit Sierra in Seattle, Washington approaches learning from a new perspective. Students use technology to help guide their own education. While students must read for 30 minutes and practice math for 30 minutes daily, their education is largely centered around online courses and community engagement with mentors and other students. While there are plenty of instructors to offer support and guidance, it’s ultimately up to the student to decide what they want to learn.

Flexibility and Technology.

It’s important to encourage today’s youth to think outside of the box. Innovative schools like the AltSchool in San Francisco, California, focus less on standardized testing and more on the use of technology and flexible thinking in the classroom. That way students are better able to problem solve and are better prepared for the real world.

Customizing Educational Needs.

When it comes to educational innovation, the Steve Jobs School in Amsterdam has a unique way of approaching teaching. Rather than a traditional curriculum where all students move through a set educational system, curriculums are designed for each individual student. They receive an Individual Development Plan (IDP) which is designed specifically for the student. Every six weeks, the plan is evaluated and adjusted so that each student gets a quality education. This system paired with the latest technology help to ensure that each student gets the education that he or she needs.

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