School Bullying Rates are Down!

Positive social change highlights lowered school bullying rates.

Every state has laws against bullying. In the past decade, many districts have overhauled discipline policies and created interventions to increase mutual respect at school. Pop culture and the news media have solely focused on the harm that is done when children target each other with bullying. What doesn’t get highlighted enough is the fact that school bullying rates are down!

Although bullying isn’t archaic yet, the events and awareness weeks have done a lot to highlight the issue of bullying in school. A study scrutinized the responses of nearly 250,000 Maryland students in grade 4 through 12 to an annual school survey. Students were asked if they had directly experienced behaviors such as pushing, slapping, threats, spreading rumors or negative posts online in the previous 30 days. There were significant declines across every category of behavior in most grades, the researchers found.

As well as seeing bullying decline in schools, there is strong international data showing these reductions in communities and families. Child abuse, murder rates, and violence have hit record lows.

Raising awareness about positive social norms can have knock-on effects for all those around. Schools can actively participate in lowering bullying experiences as well as rejoicing in the newfound results.

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